Joe's Traditional Archery Custom built longbows and Traditional Archery supplies

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Joey in his shop with one of his bows. Welcome to our Store / Bow Shop

We carry pretty much anything needed for the Traditional Archer.

  At Joe's we try and carry anything the traditional archer should need to get out shooting and hunting.  Joe's Traditional is also a Canadian Dealer for 3 Rivers Archery out of Indiana USA.   And we can order from them most  everything that they sell. 
  Arrow building and arrow repair service, We have on hand port orford cedar shafts,  stained, crested and sealed,  and beaman carbon shafts,  we will also order in pretty much any type of shaft that you may want.  We offer a compleat service,  totaly finished or everything you need to finish them yourself.  We ship nation wide.  
 Leather Works, We handcraft,  Back Quivers,  Side Quivers,  Arm Guards,  Shooting Tabs, and we take on some custom work such as,  possibles Bags,  Knife Sheiths, Etc.
  Instinctive Shooting,  We can help getting one started on the right foot, useing the right form and so on,  Give us a call or drop in or E-mail us at any time,  the coffee is always on,  and its always good to hear from fello archers.